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Hi, I'm Gaby and I love to teach and tutor! I am a qualified teacher with 5 years of primary teaching experience. I am a mother to a one year old and I started my tutoring business  so I could continue teaching whilst having the time to raise my own family. Teaching has always been a passion of mine. It is a real gift to be able to teach children; to teach future generations and equip them with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need as they walk through life.

I have been fortunate to develop a wealth of skills and understanding across both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. I have had lost of personal development training in specialist areas such as EAL (English as an additional language), Speech and Language, SEN (Special Education Needs) and many more. I absolutely love art and find it an incredible tool for supporting a child's mental health and wellbeing. I would always use it as a mindfulness activity in my class and the children responded well to it. Self-esteem and confidence has been knocked dramatically since the start of the global pandemic and my approach is to teach in a creative way to allow each student of mine to reach their potential.

As a teacher, I have an Enhanced DBS with barred list check. This can be shown upon request. 

Throughout my teaching, I have worked in a school with children predominantly with English as an additional language which has stretched me in more ways than one! I have learnt to be extremely intuitive, creative and flexible with my learning styles to cater for each child. 

I have also worked with a range of learning needs and I know how important it is to recognise each child as an individual in order to understand how they best learn, so that I am able to adapt my teaching to meet their needs. My bespoke tutoring planning adheres to this. 

During lockdown (January 2021), I was teaching up to fifteen children on line at a time. I loved engaging with them on a daily basis and tweaking the curriculum planning in order to make it online friendly! Online teaching and tuition has enabled me to be more available to students that require a bit of extra support. It is also much easier for parents as a it saves on travelling time; it is completely your choice whether you want to sit in during the session! 

My main focus is to make sure that each child can reach their full potential, and feel confident in doing so. When I was younger I struggled with my own self-esteem but once I found the tools to support me, I flew through my education!  Believing in yourself and your achievements is key when it comes to learning.  I create a safe space during my online tutoring sessions, allowing you to ask whatever question you need. Without the questions or the inquisitiveness you can't grow as a learner! Take the opportunity to stretch your brain with me.

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